Grand Prix Races Revealed

At an open meeting of the Grand Prix Committe tonight, the following races were chosen by the assembled members which will form the 2013 Run The Moors series and will also be the basis of our own Club Championships. The usual format for Grand Prix qualification is in place,  any 5 races from 11. Our Club Championships will be 1 Long, 1 Medium, 1 Short + any two others of the 13 races.


Wolf’s Pit AS 17 March

Saddleworth AS 26 May

Knowl Hill BS 9 Jun

Eddies Revenge BS 26 Jun

Bull Hill BS 11 Jul


Flower Scar AM – 23 Feb

Cake Race BM 4 May

Kentmere AM 21 Jul

Saddleworth Edges BM 5 Oct


Borrowdale AL 3 Aug

Good Shepherd BL 21 Sep

Oldham 1/2 (Club Champ only) 20 Oct

**Wildcard Blackstone Boundary Med or Long 23 Nov

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