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Date and Time

19th February 2017  Registration 8:30am Race start from 9:30


Dovestones Sailing Club, Greenfield, OL3 7NE

If your coming along to the New Chew Race…..There is parking available. However you will need to bring change for the meter in the main car park.


We have a reserve list. If you decide to pull out please email me. Your entry fee will be donated to OM Mountain Rescue. Thankyou.

NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY. Contact organiser to be placed on reserve list after race entry is full.

£12 per person.  Online Pre Entry. Minimum age 18 years. You can run either solo or as a team of 2. Limit of 90 runners.

Please don’t enter by post. Please do not make substitutions 

Start Times


Please turn up from 8:30am and register for your course. Kit check and then proceed through the start as you are ready. 

 The first runners will be starting from 9:30am
Start times
Long score: 9:30 – 9:50am
scoreless: 9:50 – 10:00am
short score 10:00 till 10:30am



Long score – 4.5 hours.
Short score – 3.5 hours.
Scoreless – approx 10-12 miles. Long O style event visiting controls in any order. Estimated winning time, 3 hours, approx.

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3 Demanding courses over rough terrain. Navigation experience is required. Poor weather and tough running can make this a very demanding event. We aim to provide a challenging course without compromising safety.

This is a traditional O event in the finest sense. Remember MM’s when you were given more food than you could eat at the end with a few pints to wash it down? And far cheaper than the average regional Orienteering event. It covers a physically challenging area of rough, exposed & often featureless moorland.
Event centre is Dovestones Sailing Club which has changing facilities & hot showers. After the race, there will be plenty of hot food, endless tea or coffee with cakes.
Prizes will be available for male, mixed & female classes on all 3 courses.
This is not a BOF registered orienteering event as it is being organized by a fell running club. It appears in the FRA Calendar & not in the BOF Fixtures.

Kit Requirement

Kit check to be rigorously observed & enforced. Min equipment to be worn or carried :

1. Waterproof (taped seams) Jacket with hood

2. Waterproof overtrousers

3. Hat & gloves  

4. Emergency food.

5. Each pair or solo team MUST carry a survival bag or bivvy (NOT a space blanket).

6. Each pair or solo team MUST carry a mobile phone (please register (for text) 999 or 112 with emergency services) A text may get through where a phone call won’t ……and it keeps trying. (Please ensure that you either bring an old phone or wrap up a smart phone against water damage.  The RO will not be held responsible for damage to equipment. Please refrain from using GPS function in the race. Emergency use only.

7. Each runner Must carry a Head torch

8.Compass & whistle.

(How to register your phone for the 112 service…….

Be prepared to carry other body cover suitable for conditions on the day. Also you may want to consider a basic first aid kit. I know that many of you will carry this gear anyhow and know how to look after yourself on the hill. Please take time to acquaint yourself with the symptoms of ‘Hypothermia’ and what to do if someone is showing the signs.

Organisers decision concerning kit is final. Competitors take part at their own risk. This is a navigational Event please don’t spoil the fun by using GPS to locate the checkpoints.

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Please observe all out of bounds marked on the map…..There is a lot of heather reseeding work going on. Access is restricted at present but we’re work ing with UU and Marsden moor to bring the whole moor back into the race. They are doing some great work. Please avoid  litter and observe the countryside code. We rely on the good will of local landowners.


Sue Hinde 07970 170442. email.

New Safety Information

Due to changes in requirements from the FRA , Saddleworth Runners have implemented a few changes to competitors mandatory Kit. We’ve asked for a Bivvy and a mobile phone to be carried. I know that runners who enjoy this kind of navigational event are generally well prepared and experienced in the kind of conditions that February on the fells can produce, we hope to continue to organise a safe but tough event. The extra kit is to help keep competitors from hypothermia in case of accidents. In the case of a damaged ankle, in a remote location, body heat is soon lost and the ability to summon help will be invaluable. I have included a head torch for each runner to the kit, the reason being that the event finishes at 4:00pm as its starting to get dark. If mountain rescue are called out to search, they will stand a better chance of locating you if you have a light. The kit requirement is the same for everyone.

Saddleworth runners expect competitors to realise the testing nature of the terrain and to be prepared to take care of themselves and each other in the event of an emergency.

There will be Safety points printed on the course map (both manned and unmanned) that will provide communications, shelter and food.  Runners in distress should head either to the finish if possible or to a known safety point and contact Race HQ. Marshalls will be recording numbers at certain points on the course. Please make sure your number is visable at all times. Anyone retiring from the race MUST report to the race finish and hand in their number.

I’m sure this added level of precautions won’t spoil the character of the event or prevent competitors from having a great race. It is the same for all teams and will be strictly adhered to. We hope to keep the event running for the enjoyment of all and that means we have to comply with our race insurers wishes. Thanks for your understanding.

Colin Bishop (RO)

Map & Controls

At the start, we will provide you with a 1:25000 A3 map in a plastic bag. It will have all control letters marked on it. You will also be given a control description sheet with varying points for the controls. The map is pre-marked with the control points. Controls will be yellow 1m wooden posts with a code letter & an orienteering punch attached. We do not use the SI dibber system.

The map will be marked with an emergency contact, safety points and areas where phone signals are available.

Approx Area of Map

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Volunteers and Help on the day

volunteer logo






25 Responses to New Chew

  • Stephen & Tim Martin Dark Peak says:

    Tried to enter the New Chew today, as enjoyed it in past yrs. But it appears full (a first)? Anyway is there a reseve list we could be put on, or phone number we can call to get a late entry as we are both keen to do the event (one long score and one anything).

  • Joe Daniels says:

    😛 Thanks for organising such a cracking event on Sunday. I really enjoyed it (even though I managed to lose 39 of my not altogether substantial points by getting back late 😳 )

    I’d like to say an extra massive thank you to the very kind organiser who gave me £1.50 to get a pay and display ticket. It was very much appreciated and well beyond the call of duty. I was particularly pleased because I saw a car being ticketed by a parking attendant as I was leaving.

    Thanks again,


    • Chris Hockaday says:

      That was my car 🙁 I was so eagre to get out there that the whole concept of pay-and-display bypassed my mind. Didn’t spoil the day though. Great organisation and food!

  • Steven Tuck says:

    Thank you once again for a well organised and enjoyable day. The course and the conditions were challenging, interesting and well laid out. And the food…. the food….

    • colin says:

      Hi Tom
      Sorry you missed out on the entry. There is a reserve list
      and I can email you if a place becomes available. There are already
      a few people on there.

  • Manhar Patel says:

    Morning Colin

    Need a hand putting out the controls today ?………….. :grin:………………………..Sorry – the old ones are the best – see you tomorrow – my 1st time & long overdue.

  • Josie says:

    My first time at this event and I wasn’t disappointed. Really enjoyed it. Big thank you to the marshal at X for the sip of coffee & the guys at T for standing out on the open moors for so long. Brilliant. Thanks & hope to see you again next year. 😀

  • Gerry Symes says:

    Thanks for all the efforts everyone put in today. Yet again a really well organised event. as for the conditions… challenging!

  • Justin Bramall says:

    is there anywhere i can view any of the photo’s from the event, i’ve requested a facebook group invite but don’t seem to see any photo’s for the new chew 2014 on the website. if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great

  • Steven moss and Steve hemingway says:

    Could you put us on waiting list please for long or short score didn’t realise it was so late can turn up as late as sat night thanks.

    • colin says:

      I Will add you to reserve list. Can’t promise anything though. We have limited numbers on this race I’m afraid, so it fills up quickly. Thanks

  • John Stephenson says:

    Hi, same thing didn’t realise the event had sold out. Please could you add me to the reserve list for any class?


    John Stephenson
    Glossopdale Harriers
    07525 043309

    • colin says:

      Hi John, Sorry we have a cap on this race due to land usage constraints at the mo. Really sorry you haven’t been able to get a place. Next time:-)

  • Fionnuala Swann says:

    Hi – I was wanting to do the new chew as a pair but we realised last week that the event had sold out. Could you add us to the reserve list. If we don’t get in, would it be possible to buy a map and use it as training /practice without needing to enter?
    Many thanks.
    Fionnuala Swann

  • Josie G says:

    🙂 Big thanks to all involved in today’s event. Especially the marshalls on road crossing & MRT. Terrific organisation & excellent food, cakes & tea after. Well done to everyone who got round in appalling conditions. See you next year! 😀

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